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Ro System for Drinking water

• Highly Compact
• Easy to Maintain
• Easy to Operate
• Available in any Capacity Standard and Modular

Stage of Purification

Stage 1 - Sediment pre-filter 5 micron that removes suspended impurities present in inlet water.

Stage 2- Granular Carbon pre-filter which removes chemical

impurities like Chlorine, bad taste, color, and odor.

Stage 3 - Sediment filter 1 micron that removes fine suspended impurities.

Stage 4- RO membrane that removes bacteria, virus, hardness, etc.

Stage 5 - Post filter and polishers that improves the taste of the water.

Ideal for • Drinking Water
• Process Water
• Clinics, Hospitals, Health Clubs
• Schools and Institutes
• Offices
• Hotels and Restaurants - Shops and Showrooms

Filteration Plant

Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)

Water is first filtered by Pressure Sand Filter unit for removal of suspended matters and turbidity.

Activated Carbon Filter

To remove Colour, Odor and Chlorine from water.

Water Softening

Pressure Sand Filter (PSF)

A typical water softener uses a technique known as ION EXCHANGE. The Cation resins used for removal of Calcium and Magnesium ions by replacing them with Sodium ions to produce Softened water. We offers Water Softening Systems for Industrial applications, Home, and Restaurants.

Soft Water Plant


1. Prevents from scaling of heating elements like gysers Steam irons.
2. Prevents from white powderly precepitaion of Expensive taps, Sinks, pipe fitting etc.
3. Clothes, Utensils, glass wear shines as new.
4. Saving in consumption of soap, detergent, shampoo.
5. Prevent hair fall.

D M Plant

Demineralization Water Plant

This typical process involves the removal of positive IONS by a bed of Strong Acid Cation (SAC) resin followed by second bed of Strong Base Anion (SBA) resin for the removal of all negative ION.

The demineralization process is also known as De-Ionization. It is an economical option when feed water TDS are low and the low conductivity product water is required.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

Demineralization Water Plant

Reverse osmosis system is based on Membrane Technology. The membrane that is Semi- premeable Membrane having pore dia. of 0.0001 Microns, that removes more than 90% of Dissolved salts, Bacteria, Virus, Inorganic and Heavy Metals. Membrane pass the Water molecules but will not pass a great percentage of solute (Dissolved Solids).

Most of this material is Rejected.

We offers standard models of R. 0. System ranging from